We are Teaching Athletes Plans for Success Inc. (T.A.P.S)!
A nonprofit organization supporting at-risk urban youth. Our goal is the help our youth recognize their full potential on and off the playing courts and fields. We strive to assist our youth in identifying their strengths and develop a plan to execute their dreams.


How You Can Help

TAPS is looking to raise $50,000 in order to assist with operating costs, equipment, educational material, and transportation assistance. Donations are a valuable source to the success of TAPS. No donation is too small.


What You Get

All donations are accepted and appreciated, with the most sincere level of gratitude. To show our appreciation the following items are available to our awesome donors:.


$20 Donation

Thank you.

$50 Donation

Thank you.

$100 Donation

TAPS Donor T-shirt

$500 Donation

TAPS Donor T-shirt. And your name added to donor list on our website.

$1000 Donation

TAPS Donor T-shirt.Your Name on Donor Banner at all functions. And your name added to donor list on our website.

$5000 Donation

Name on Donor wall at TAPS locations. Donor Plaque Name added to donor list on our website.


Want to donate? It’s time to show your humility


Our Sponsors

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We need to raise $50,000, but we can't do it by ourselves. We need you to reach deep in your pockets..